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Huber Research Partners has unparalleled expertise in media-based stock analysis through rigorous financial modeling and valuation work.  Founded in January 2012, the firm currently covers 34 media and internet stocks plus the credit rating agencies and other information services stocks and continues to add new, relevant research coverage.  Through comprehensive analysis of company, industry, market, and economic data, the firm provides essential intelligence and strategic advice to help guide investors and enhance the performance of client portfolios.  We take a strong stance on each of the 34 stocks that we cover with either a "buy" or "sell" recommendation and do not hide behind "equal weight" or "neutral" ratings.
Integrity and communication are paramount at Huber Research. The firm provides exceptional, personalized service, insight, and value that far exceeds the output from traditional sell-side analysts.  As an independent research firm, we are able to place companies under the microscope to provide truly unbiased company and industry analysis with no conflicts of interest (no investment banking or trading).  Our media industry expertise over the last 20-plus years helps ensure high quality research, and our boutique size ensures institutional clients have full access to senior research analysts.  Unlike the traditional equity research model, our media and internet research is not widely available on Bloomberg, Thomson, or any of the other research distribution vendors and can only be received by signing up for a research subscription.  Thus, our research has very limited distribution, and our payment model is based on quarterly subscriptions (soft or hard dollars) with no long-term commitments.

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  • Conducting equity research with Honesty and integrity.
  • Forging strong client relationships through Reliable customer service.
  • Helping our clients to achieve the best possible Performance in their portfolios.
Huber Research Partners was established to provide unbiased, expert analysis, and investment advice to institutional investors.
Services include:
  • Fundamental research reports and notes
  • Earnings models
  • Valuation work
  • Industry data and analysis
  • Company-specific data
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Use only Overweight or Underweight ratings with 12-month price targets
  • Meetings and conference calls with management of covered companies
Huber Research Partners also provides specialized services to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Our research team specializes in media, internet, and information services stock analysis and has extensive experience serving a broad array of institutional investors.
Huber Research Partners, LLC
4 Greenwich Office Park
Greenwich, CT
(203) 930-7755
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