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Huber Research Partners is an independent equity research and advisory firm specializing in media, internet, and information services stocks. Our firm is dedicated to providing value-added research to leading global institutional investors through a quarterly subscription model. 

CEO and Founder Craig Huber and his research team, including Doug Arthur, have been repeatedly ranked #1 in the media sector by Institutional Investor, Greenwich Associates, and Financial Times / StarMine and highly recognized in The Wall Street Journal for industry-leading media analysis, prior to going out independent.




09/22/23   Credit Rating Agencies: Weekly Debt Issuance Data
09/22/23   Credit Rating Agencies: U.S. & Euro Credit Spreads

09/22/23   Media, Internet & Information Services Report

09/20/23   NFL Ratings Trends


09/22/23   Company Report: FactSet (FDS)
09/21/23   Company Report: Equifax (EFX)
09/21/23   Company Report: FactSet (FDS)
09/20/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS) *

09/19/23   Company Report: TransUnion (TRU)
09/18/23   Company Report: MSCI (MSCI)
09/15/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS) *
09/13/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS) *
09/07/23   Company Report: TEGNA (TGNA)
09/06/23   Company Report: Nexstar (NXST)
09/06/23   Company Report: Nexstar (NXST)
09/04/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS) *
08/25/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS) *
08/21/23   Company Report: WPP (WPP) *
08/17/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS) *
08/17/23   Company Report: News Corp (NWSA)

08/16/23   Company Report: MSCI (MSCI)
08/16/23   Company Report: CarGurus (CARG) *
08/16/23   Company Report: Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)
08/15/23   Company Report: Sinclair (SBGI)
08/15/23   Company Report: Fox Corporation (FOXA) *
08/11/23   Company Report: News Corp (NWSA)
08/10/23   Company Report: New York Times (NYT) **
08/10/23   Company Report: Gray Television (GTN)
08/10/23   Company Report: CarGurus (CARG) **
08/10/23   Company Report: Nexstar (NXST)
08/10/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS)
08/09/23   Company Report: Paramount (PARA)
08/08/23   Company Report: Nexstar (NXST)
08/08/23   Company Report: New York Times (NYT) **
08/07/23   Company Report: Criteo (CTRO) *
08/07/23   Company Report: Graham Holdings (GHC)
08/07/23   Company Report: Scripps (SSP)
08/07/23   Company Report: Gannett (GCI)
08/07/23   Company Report: TEGNA (TGNA)

08/04/23   Company Report: CarGurus (CARG) *
08/04/23   Company Report: Audacy (AUD)
08/04/23   Company Report: WPP (WPP) *
08/04/23   Company Report: Scripps (SSP)
08/04/23   Company Report: Gray Television
08/03/23   Company Report: (CARS) *
08/03/23   Company Report: TEGNA (TGNA)
08/03/23   Company Report: (CARS) *
08/03/23   Company Report: Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)
08/02/23   Company Report: Thomson Reuters (TRI) *
08/02/23   Company Report: Graham Holdings (GHC)
08/02/23   Company Report: Thomson Reuters (TRI) *
08/02/23   Company Report: CarGurus (CARG) *
08/01/23   Company Report: Live Nation (LYV) *
08/01/23   Company Report: Moody’s (MCO)

07/28/23   Company Report: Live Nation (LYV) *
07/28/23   Company Report: S&P Global (SPGI)
07/28/23   Company Report: TransUnion (TRU)
07/27/23   Company Report: Live Nation (LYV) *
07/27/23   Company Report: Meta Platforms (META)
07/27/23   Company Report: S&P Global (SPGI)
07/26/23   Company Report: Live Nation (LYV) *
07/26/23   Company Report: MSCI (MSCI)
07/26/23   Company Report: Snap (SNAP)
07/25/23   Company Report: TransUnion (TRU)
07/25/23   Company Report: Moody’s (MCO)
07/25/23   Company Report: MSCI (MSCI)
07/24/23   Company Report: Interpublic (IPG)
07/24/23   Company Report: Publicis Groupe (PUB-PAR) *
07/21/23   Company Report: Interpublic (IPG)
07/23/23   Company Report: Equifax (EFX)
07/20/23   Company Report: Carvana (CVNA) *
07/20/23   Company Report: Publicis Groupe (PUB-PAR) *
07/20/23   Company Report: Netflix (NFLX)
07/20/23   Company Report: Equifax (EFX)
07/19/23   Company Report: Carvana (CVNA) *
07/19/23   Company Report: Omnicom (OMC)
07/18/23   Media Fact Book - Summer 2023
07/14/23   Company Report: S&P Global (SPGI)
07/13/23   Company Report: Publicis Groupe (PUB-PAR) *
07/12/23   Company Report: Moody’s (MCO)
07/11/23   Company Report: New York Times (NYT) **
07/10/23   Company Report: New York Times (NYT) **
07/10/23   Company Report: WPP (WPP) *
07/10/23   Company Report: Graham Holdings (GHC)
07/05/23   Company Report: MSCI (MSCI)

06/29/23   Company Report: FOX Corporation (FOXA) *
06/29/23   Company Report: Scripps (SSP)
06/28/23   Company Report: Thomson Reuters (TRI) *
06/27/23   Company Report: Disney (DIS) *

06/23/23   Company Report: FactSet (FDS)
06/22/23   Company Report: TEGNA (TGNA)
06/22/23   Company Report: FactSet (FDS)
06/20/23   Company Report: WPP Plc (WPP) *
06/20/23   Company Report: MSCI (MSCI)
06/20/23   Company Report: Equifax (EFX)
06/16/23   Company Report: TransUnion (TRU)

06/08/23   Company Report: Moody’s (MCO)
06/05/23   Company Report: Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)

* Covered by Doug Arthur

** Co-Covered by Doug Arthur & Craig Huber



09/13/23   Disney-Charter Feud Portends Carnage in Cable TV. ‘The Market’s Been Warned.’ (WSJ)

08/09/23   TV Interview: ESPN signs betting deal with Penn Entertainment (Bloomberg)
08/08/23   Audacy agrees to sell more assets, warns of possible bankruptcy if talks with creditors stall (Bus. Journal)

07/22/23   Analysts: Carvana future still up in the air (Automotive News)

07/21/23   Hollywood Strike Clouds ‘Barbenheimer’ Bump for Movie Stocks (Bloomberg)
07/21/23   Hollywood Strike Dims Hope of Barbenheimer Bump for Movie Stocks (Bloomberg)
07/20/23   Netflix quarterly revenue misses forecasts, shares slide (Reuters)
07/14/23   TV Interview: ‘I think the labour department will get involved’ in Hollywood: Director (Bloomberg)

06/15/23   TV Interview: Disney Delays Releases of Avatar, Avengers Films (Bloomberg)

05/22/23   Audacy’s stock delisting can’t be blamed on a soft advertising market alone (Billboard)
05/08/23   TV Interview: TV viewership may decline further after Hollywood writers strike (Bloomberg)

05/04/23   Paramount Global disappoints on weak ad market, cuts dividend (Reuters)
04/26/23   How Tucker Carlson’s exit could financially impact Fox Corporation, according to experts (ABC News)
04/19/23   DJ Fox to pay $787.5 million to settle dominion lawsuit (WSJ)
04/18/23   How badly could the Dominion suit hurt Fox News (CBS News)
04/16/23   Fox News, Dominion prepare for Battle in $1.6 billion defamation trial (WSJ)

03/17/23   Audacy will need to cut costs ‘into the bone’ to survive the next year, analyst says (Business Journal)
03/14/23   S&P Sees Quick Rebound for Corporate Bond Sales Silenced by SVB (Bloomberg)

02/16/23   Paramount to raise streaming prices as ad slump knocks revenue (Reuters)

12/23/22   Media mogul Michael Bloomberg looking to buy Dow Jones or Washington Post (Reuters)
11/23/22   Potential News Corp, Fox reunion faces opposition from large shareholder (CNBC)

11/21/22   Activist investor asks News Corp to spin off unit instead of merger with Fox (Reuters)

10/25/22   Moody’s Corp gains as brokerages upbeat on co’s long-term prospects (Reuters)

08/29/22   Netflix could offer ad-supported plan at $7 to $9 a month. What it means (Barron’s)

07/18/22   Cost cutting the priority for Caravan, peers (Automotive News)

07/17/22   Carvana pressured to cut costs amid waning used-car demand (Automotive News)

07/07/22   Analyst not feeling Nexstar/The CW rumored romance (S&P Global)
06/27/22   Teleram’s premium service faces tough odds but still worth trying (S&P Global)

05/19/22   Popular Science Owner Recurrent Ventures Raises $300 Million in Blackstone-Led Round (WSJ)

05/13/22   Carvana, Vroom and Shift see stock prices, fortunes fall (Automotive News)
05/13/22   Twitter shares plummet as Musk raises new doubts about acquisition (The Verge)
05/04/22   Ad-supported Netflix tier presents mixed opportunity for Europe (S&P Global)

04/12/22   Newspapers keep eliminating print days. They say it’s for the best (Washington Post)

03/30/22   Going private gives Nielsen new flexibility to invest, analysts say (InsideRadio)

03/09/22   Gannett: Inaccurate information to advertisers corrected, unintentional ‘human error’ (USA Today)

12/31/21   This Mini Berkshire Hathaway Flies Under the Radar. And Its Stock Is Cheap (Barron’s)
12/28/21   Twitter is aggressively changing its platform. Is it too little, too late? (Times Square Investment Journal)

12/03/21   FactSet, Molina, Signature Shape Up as Contenders for S&P 500 (Bloomberg)
12/02/21   Lee Enterprises top shareholder opposes current buyout terms (Dealreporter)

11/12/21   Price of Buffalo News is going up, but by how much? (WIVB)
11/11/21   Live Nation stock is down after Astroworld, but for how long? (Billboard News)

07/09/21   Analysts see financial obstacles to a Sinclair NBCU sports net purchase (S&P Global)

06/18/21   TV Appearance: A lot of good news is already baked into Live Nation stock price (BNN Bloomberg)

05/24/21   Huber Research: ‘The reputation of Alden Global Capital is that they are vicious cost cutters’ (WGN Radio)
05/15/21   Tribune Publishing employees hold 11th hour ‘Save Local News’ Rally [...] (Chicago Tribune)

05/06/21   In a hedge fund’s bid for Tribune’s newspapers, a hidden risk lurks in the fine print (Washington Post)
05/05/21   New York Times subscription growth slows as ‘Trump Bump’ fades (New York Post)
04/27/21   Big tech earnings-palooza arrives as Alphabet reports quarterly sales (Axios)

04/22/21   Everybody Wants To Be A Used Car Billionaire (Bloomberg)

04/12/21   Live events industry eyes pandemic comeback (Axios)

03/29/21   Shares in ViacomCBS tumble, Discovery volatile after sharp slide last week (Reuters)

02/26/21   TV Appearance: Live Concerts Likely Won’t Return Until 2022: Analyst (BNN Bloomberg)
02/16/21   New York hedge fun Alden to acquire The Morning Call’s parent company (The Morning Call)

01/11/21   The DOW Fell 89 Points Because Stocks Are Way Overextended (Barron’s)

12/23/20   Here Are Barron’s 10 Top Stocks for the New Year (Barron’s)

12/11/20   Hallucinations? No, Valuations (Grant’s Interest Rate Observer)

11/29/20   S&P to Buy IHS for $39 Billion in Year’s Second-Biggest Deal (Bloomberg)

09/15/20   Meredith Corp. could split its assets as publishing industry continues to tumble (New York Post)

08/25/20   As sale of National Enquirer collapses, some wonder if the tabloid is too hot to handle (Washington Post)

08/12/20   Facebook’s ‘copycat’ Reels video feature poses risks to beleaguered TikTok (SNL Kagan)
08/10/20   Why a Twitter–TikTok Deal is Highly Unlikely (TheStreet)

07/11/20   Hedge Funds Square Off for Swath of Ailing American Newspapers (Bloomberg)

06/16/20   Heath Freeman is the hedge fund guy who says he wants to save local news (Washington Post)

05/09/20   Credit-rating agencies are back under the spotlight (The Economist)

05/04/20   Almar Latour Named CEO of Wall Street Journal Publisher Dow Jones (Wall Street Journal)

04/27/20   Newspapers fighting for survival as COVID-19 ravages ad spending (SNL Kagan)

04/14/20   Alleged COVID-19 Misinformation Raises Regulatory Questions for Broadcasters (S&P Global)

04/08/20   ViacomCBS's Downward Spiral is Accelerating as Talk of Unraveling Grows (Forbes)

03/19/20   Live Nation Stock Fights Back After Wednesday's Brutal Sell-Off (Variety)
03/18/20   Live Nation Stock Keeps Tumbling as Coronavirus Self-Isolation Becomes Commonplace (Billboard)
02/26/20   Netflix may gain as more people stay indoors due to coronavirus (Reuters)
02/26/20   Netflix, Disney+ may get a boost from coronavirus (Fox Business)
02/14/20   McClatchy's Fall and the End of the American Family Newspaper (Forbes)
01/30/20   Investors Are Cheering Warren Buffet's Newspaper Sale. That's Bad News for the Papers (Forbes)
12/20/19   Last-minute federal legislation brings pension relief and 'runway' for community newspapers (Seattle Times)
11/18/19   Newspaper Publisher McClatchy Teeters Near Bankruptcy (Bloomberg)
11/14/19   Shareholders of USA Today owner Gannett and New Media Investment Group Approve Merger (USA Today)
11/13/19   McClatchy Warns of Potential Restructuring, Pension Takeover (Bloomberg)
10/24/19   Twitter ad platform suffers tech glitches, hitting revenue; shares tumble (Reuters)
08/12/19   CBS shareholders to get slight premium from Viacom deal (Reuters)
08/12/19   Entercom slashes dividend by 78% (Philadelphia Business Journal)
08/05/19   GateHouse media parent to buy Gannett for $1.4 billion (Wall Street Journal)
06/07/19   Tribune Publishing to pay $56 million special cash dividend to shareholders (Chicago Tribune)
05/16/19   Gannett and Tribune may restart merger talks after surviving takeover bids (New York Post)
03/20/19   Reading Eagle to file for bankruptcy protection, meets with potential buyers (The Morning Call)
02/22/19   New York Times Subscriber Hunt Sends Gray Lady to Middle America (Bloomberg)
02/11/19   A hedge fund's 'mercenary' strategy: Buy newspapers, slash jobs, sell the buildings (Washington Post)
01/18/19   Decimation of daily newspapers sets stage for potential Star sale (Indianapolis Business Journal)
12/03/18   Emanuel confidant Michael Sacks eyes Tribune Publishing (Crane's Chicago)
11/01/18   Failing? No, says New York Times after online boost (Reuters)
11/01/18   Cordillera station buy to lift Scripps' retrans, political ad revenues (SNL Kagan)
10/26/18   Snap Shares Fall Despite Beating Earnings and Revenue Estimates (The Street)
10/19/18   Interpublic Organic Growth Surpasses Rivals on Higher Client Spending (Reuters)
09/24/18   Time Magazine's Financials Show Erosion in Print Business (Wall Street Journal)
09/07/18   Facebook's Ad Partners Are Sticking With the Platform: Goldman (The Street)
09/06/18   Bloomberg Markets TV Appearance on CBS (Bloomberg News)
09/06/18   CBS negotiating Moonves' exit and Viacom merger standstill: sources (Reuters)
09/06/18   Anonymous op-ed good for 'failing New York Times' (Crain's New York)
09/04/18   Wall Street's 30 Days of Hell: No Sleep, No Meals, No Family (Bloomberg)
08/27/18   Netflix Stock Is on a Mini Winning Streak - Here's Why (The Street)
08/09/18   Tronc shares leap on news of Donerail takeover interest (New York Post)
08/07/18   Bridgeman urged to proceed with caution in Sports Illustrated bidding (Courier-Journal)
07/27/18   CBS Slides as CEO Les Moonves Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct (Barron’s)
07/25/18   Tronc shares tumble despite takeover rumors (New York Post)
07/20/18   Analysis: FCC’s character concerns imperil more than Sinclair’s Tribune deal (SNL Kagan)
07/13/18   Netflix’s Risk from Rising Interest Rates is Just a ‘Rounding Error’ (Business Insider)
07/09/18   Groupon Acquisition Is a ‘Discount Deal’ for the Right Buyer (TheStreet)
07/01/18   Buyers Are Circling Tronc After Split With Flagship LA Times (Bloomberg)
06/16/18   Historic sale of the LA Times to billionaire Soon-Shiong to close on Monday (LA Times)
05/11/18   Thomson Reuters expects higher 2018 costs, shares drop (Reuters)
05/03/18   New York Times' subscriber addition slows, shares fall (Reuters)
04/12/18   Facebook could enjoy the 'unintended consequences' of new regulations (Business Insider)
03/21/18   Meredith to cut about 1,200 jobs, sell some Time publications (Reuters)
03/21/18   Time Magazine, Fortune Put Up for Sale by New Owner Meredith (Bloomberg)
03/08/18   Tronc shares tank after execs offer no fiscal guidance for 2018 (New York Post)
02/27/18   Netflix is already up 45% this year-you might want to just 'buy the darn thing' (Business Insider)
02/23/18   Kylie Jenner fleeing Snap might be just the beginning (Business Insider)
02/08/18   New York Times beats as digital subscriptions surge, shares rise (Reuters)
02/07/18   Bil. Soon-Shiong close to deal to buy LA Times & San Diego Union-Tribune (LA Times)

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